Happy New Year! 🎉
Happy New Year everyone! Have a great start into 2023.



PasteBin is one of our most used Services. You can use it as well.
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Ayoka Radio

We even have our own Webradio that is hosted on IceCast Software. If you wanna check it out be sure to do so. Events about it will be either Posted on @AyokaACR or @AyokaACR_Stuff
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Image Upload

We also host a Image Upload Service. You can upload your images and get a link to them.
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Small Funfact

I've started streaming a while ago and I'm ready to stream more!

Interested? Click here!

You have an Interesting Idea?

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Hey, psst!

You're still here? Then why not check out my Social Medias?


I've been developing for about 3 Years now, and it's been a wild ride for me

GitHub is basically where everything started! I've been using it for quite a while now but Repositories are available there.
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GitLab is now the service I've been using as a Git service. It's quite a good service and I've been using it for a long time.
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Social Media

Check out my Social Medias!


You can always check it out! I have a couple channels actually. You can always check them on the Button below!


I don't stream that often but you can always check it out!


I'm extremely inactive there but there's some stuff there

Some of my Photos

If you don't wanna have a look at my Instagram then you can have a look at it here